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Posted by Robert Kelly on Apr 17, 2013 11:04:00 AM

Government Contracting Remains Strong per New Study

government contracting studyThe Annual Clarity Government Contractor Study being released this week reveals several interesting fact.  This study discusses 2012 results and 2013 expectations. Some of the interesting findings include:

Government contractor proposal win rates – Overall, contractors’ win rates remained stable but small government contractors win rates grew.  Half of the small biz respondents reported increased win rates while one-third reported their  win rates increased more than 10%.

Government contractor project management – Contractors are struggling to align people, processes and tools for managing projects.  Most report that their project management discipline has dropped in maturity.  Only 14% of firms report that at least half their projects are on or under budget.  Cutting project management training seems to be a major contributor to this PM decline.

Financial metrics – every metric indicates very strong health!  Profit margins are up, invoice cycles are shorter and unallowable costs and fringe rates are down.  Monthly invoice cycles declined to 11.7 days compared to 12.2 last year.

Source: Washington Post

Federal IT budget jumps to $82 billion

Federal IT budgets for the upcoming fiscal year will increase.  You can browse agency IT proposed budgets at the IT Dashboard

Download Federal IT Spending for Budget Year 2014 Report

FY2014 Federal IT Budget

Cyber security Spending increasing dramatically this year.  DoD and DHS receiving substantial increases ($5 Billion) for DoiD alone.  The DHS figure includes nearly $500 million for cyber security research and development and almost $1 billion expressly for the protection of federal computers and networks against malicious cyber activity.

Other federal organizations also saw their cyber- and information-security budgets increase as well. The departments of Justice, Energy and Commerce, as well as the National Intelligence Program, all have budget line items for cyber-related protections. FCW outlines the details.



Federal Information Technology FY 2014 Budget Priorities

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