GSA Contract: Expansion of the Disaster Recovery Purchasing Program

Posted by Robert Kelly on Aug 19, 2013 9:36:00 AM

Expansion of the State and Local Disaster Recovery Purchasing Program

Section 4 of the Federal Supply Schedules Usage Act of 2010 (Public Law 111-263), stated that the Recovery Purchasing program be expanded to include the words "facilitate disaster preparedness or response."

GSA disaster recoveryGSA has therefore authorized the expansion of the State and Local Disaster Recovery Purchasing program, from this point on referenced as the Disaster Purchasing Program, to include state and local access to Federal Supply Schedules for the purposes of disaster preparation and response, in addition to facilitation of recovery from major disasters.

GSA Order 4800.2H, Eligibility to Use GSA Sources of Supply, has been updated to reflect this new expansion of scope. This authorization allows for immediate access to all Schedules, when state and local governments are purchasing to facilitate recovery from major disasters or for disaster preparation or response.

Orders placed by state and local entities, under the Disaster Purchasing program must include the following statement:

This order is placed under GSA Schedule number __________________ under the authority of the GSA Disaster Purchasing program. The products and services purchased will be used in preparation or response to disasters or recovery from major disaster declared by the President, or recovery from terrorism or nuclear, biological, chemical, or radiological attack.

If you are currently a GSA Schedule contractor and have agreed to participate in the Disaster Recovery Purchasing Program, no modification is required at this time to your Schedule contract, in order to accept orders from the state and local governments, under this authority.

If you are currently a GSA Schedule holder and have not agreed to participate in the Disaster Recovery Purchasing Program, you will need to modify your contract in order to accept orders under this authority.

New offerors must agree to participate in the program at the time of award of their GSA Schedule contract.

Acceptance of GSA Orders

Acceptance of orders from state and local governments, is voluntary. Schedule contractors may decline an order, for any reason, within a five-day period after receipt of the order; however, credit card orders must be declined within 24 hours (GSAM 552.232-79). Orders placed under this authority are subject to the Industrial Funding Fee and should be reported quarterly on your 72a form under the RC SINs.


  • "Preparedness" means actions that involve a combination of planning, resources, training, exercising, and organizing to build, sustain, and improve operational capabilities. Preparedness is the process of identifying the personnel, training, and equipment needed for a wide range of potential incidents, and developing jurisdiction – specific plans for delivering capabilities when needed for an incident.
  • "Response" means immediate actions to save lives, protect property and the environment, and meet basic human needs. Response also includes the execution of emergency plans and actions to support short-term recovery.
  • "Recovery" means the development, coordination, and execution of service- and site-restoration plans; the reconstitution of government operations and services; individual, private-sector, nongovernmental, and public-assistance programs to provide housing and to promote restoration; long-term care and treatment of affected persons; additional measures for social, political, environmental, and economic restoration; evaluation of the incident to identify lessons learned; post incident reporting; and development of initiatives to mitigate the effects of future incidents.

For more information, visit www.gsa.gov/disasterpurchasing

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