GSA Contract Renewal - First Things First

Posted by Robert Kelly on May 6, 2014 12:55:00 PM

Before you start the process to extend your GSA contract for another five years, you need to understand the renewal process and begin preparing well before the official process begins.

Some basic initial steps are covered in the following two-and-a-half-minute video.

HubSpot Video

Summary of Key Points

Review Your GSA Contract Assessment Report

Be sure to review your most recent Assessment Report and look for any negative comments or conclusions.  If you find any, be sure that these matters have been corrected and that you have communicated the corrections to your contracting officer.

Update Your Sam.gov Record

Log into your account and verify the business size by updating the company revenue and employee figures as necessary.

GSA renewal documentsEnsure Your GSA Advantage Catalog is Current 

If you have had any contract modifications, make sure that your GSA Advantage product catalog and authorized price list reflect those changes. 

Review Your GSA Contract Provisions

Review all of your GSA contract documents. It is especially important to review:

  • your CSP-1 form regarding commercial discount prices,
  • your basis of award customer, and
  • the price discounts you negotiated with GSA. 

Steps to Prepare for the GSA Renewal

GSA renewal letterThe above are just a few of the preliminary steps a renewing contractor must take. You and your team should learn more about the renewal process well before it begins. TurboGSA's just released an eLearning course that provides students with practical knowledge about:

  • Overview of GSA Contract Renewals 
  • Purpose of GSA Exercising the Option
  • What GSA Evaluates
  • Documents needed for Renewal
  • GSA's Hot Buttons -What they really Look for
  • Contract Performance
  • Financial Stability
  • Compliance with pertinent laws (e.g., TAA, SCA)

We also provide a sample GSA Renewal letter template that addresses key points, saving you time. Learn more about our Renewing Your GSA Contract online elearning program.

GSA Contract renewal Training

Start Preparing Soon

Start preparing one year before your contract end date to give you time to remedy problems before GSA begins their review.  GSA begins their process 250 days before the contract end date. At that time, GSA will begin evaluating your sales performance and contract performance issues.  Should tehy find unresolved problems, GSA may send you a notification letting you know they will not renew your contract.  

At 210 days to go, GSA will ask if you want to renew, and will send you instructions on what they want.  You will have 30-45 days to respond.

Don't ignore problems.  Start preparing now.

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