An Introduction to the GSA eBuy System

Posted by Robert Kelly on Oct 7, 2011 3:18:00 PM

Updated March 17, 2014

GSA’s eBuy system, is an online system that allows federal agencies to post requests for Quotations (RFQ) and requests for proposals RFP.  eBuy is a nice benefit of having a GSA contract that is exclusively available to GSA schedule contract holders. 

This video briefly demonstrates how contractors can access the eBuy System and provides a synopsis of system functionality. 

Key Take–Aways

eBuy is limited to GSA Contractors

These RFQs and RFPs are available to  GSA contractors who hold a specific schedule contract and SIN. For example, if an agency posts an RFP for management consulting under the MOBIS contract (Schedule 874), then only those contractors with a MOBIS contract containing SIN 874-1 will be able to see it.

Before you Begin - Register your GSA Contract at the Vendor Support Center

You must first register your contract at the GSA Vendor Support Center (vsc.gsa.gov). The person who will primarily monitor this GSA contract should register, although you can add others in your firm to the profile you build.  This will allow others to see when RFPs are posted.  You add other names to your profile page after logging into the system.

Not all Opportunities are applicable to your Firm

Some of GSA’s special item numbers are quite broad in scope, and it is likely that many of the opportunities you see are not appropriate for your firm.  For example, if you are a network engineering firm with a Schedule 70 contract  for IT professional services (SIN 132-51), you may see some RFPs for network engineering, but you may also see many for custom programming. Or, if you are a leadership development firm with a MOBIS contract (SIN 874-1), you may see some opportunities for business process engineering or strategic planning.

Even if the opportunity is outside the scope of your contract, you can turn this into a marketing opportunity.  Email the contracting person specified on the RFP and let them know that while you appreciate the opportunity to bid, that the subject is outside your area of expertise.  Then concisely explain what your firm does and ask them to consider you for future opportunities in your area.

Some GSA Schedules have more Postings than Others

IT Schedule 70 and MOBIS Schedule 874 have lots of RPFs posted.  Other schedules may not.   In either case, you should not sit back and wait for RFPs. The most successful GSA contractors go out and create opportunities by getting found, building credibility and delivering valuable solutions to the Federal market.   

How to get found and building credibility in this highly competitive market?  Launch a federal inbound marketing program today.

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