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GSA Schedule Sales Science


2012 GSA Schedule Winners and Losers

2012 was a challenging year for many federal contractors, and overall contract dollars declined 9%. GSA Schedule contractors fared much better, however, where the overall decline in GSA schedule sales declined less than 3%. 

This infographic highlights which GSA schedules did the best and the worst of 2012. It also presents those contracts that have grown steadily over the past 6 years.



Top 5 GSA Schedules - Total Sales

Despite year over year declines, these five schedules continue to produce a large volume of sales year in and year out:

    • Schedule 70 - Information Technology 
    • Schedule 874 - MOBIS (Management Consulting & Training)
    • Schedule 871 - Engineering Services
    • Schedule 84 - Safety, Law, Fire and Security
    • Schedule 520 - Financial and Business Services

TurboGSA's Five Favorite GSA Schedules

TurboGSA also likes the following schedules, based on combination of their 1-year growth and 6-year constant annual growth rates.

As in the stock market, past results do not necessarily translate into future returns.  But these schedules' success over the years demonstrate that firms in these industries would be well served by obtaining these contracts.

    • Schedule 03FAC - Facilities Management - This schedule enjoyed a 4.16% increase in sales in FY2012 and a CAGR of 19.96% over the past six years.  
    • Schedule 520 - Financial and Business Services - This schedule had nearly a 14% increase in sales in FY2012, and a CAGR of 7.35% over the past six years. 
    • Schedule 736- Temporary Administrative and Professional Staffing- This schedule had nearly a 13% increase in sales in FY2012, and a CAGR of 3.3% over the past six years.   
    • Schedule 66- Scientific Equipment- This schedule's sales increased 5.66% in FY2012, and has a CAGR of 2.12% over the past six years.  
    • Schedule 738 II- Language Services - This schedule had a 17.67% increase in sales in FY2012.  This schedule tends to fluctuate dramatically from year to year but has a positive 6 year CAGR.  

Take-away: GSA Schedule contracts continue to represent a vital tool in many federal contractors toolbox. 2013 will continue to be challenging, and federal contractors should not ignore any contract opportunity.  GSA contractors receive opportunities reserved exclusively for GSA schedule holders, and the contact vehicle is extremely flexible for federal agencies.

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